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2014 Best TS 12m yellow/green 26.12.2013
Selling my 2014 Best TS Quiver of 7,9 & 12m. I'm a national team for best in the US & these kites were all new in the packaging as of Nov 6th when i received them for my trip to Brazil. I have no use for them for the next few months, so am selling them at a discount. All kites are in great condition and have only been ridden once in the UK since. If your interested and want to find out more about the TS check out both mine and Best's web site, its a killer kite for taking your riding to the next level. Also here are a few of my reviews of the gear. (The kites in the video are the ones I'm selling) http://ryanosmond.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/best-ts-2014-gear-review/ http://vimeo.com/ryanosmond/bestts2014overview http://www.bestkiteboarding.com/en/ts Please don't hesitate to shoot me an email with any questions at livetokite@hotmail.co.uk Many Thanks, Ryan
Tabou Rocket 07.10.2013
Excellent condition. Lightly used. No damage and few marks. 2 fins (38mm freeride + 32mm freemove) Deck plate. Bag (broken zip) Very stable, early planing board.
2013 Fanatick Tri-wave Team edition 86 Litres 16.05.2013
2013 Fanatick Tri-wave, Team edition 86 Litres. Amazing condition with no repairs and just a few scratches on the rails.
2013 Fanatic Skate 99, Team edition 16.05.2013
Two repairs, one on the nose and one on the tail from an off water accident. Both professionally repaired but not sprayed. Rest of the board is in very good condition and solid across the whole deck.
2013 North Idol, 4.5 16.05.2013
Brand new!
2013 North Idol. 4.7 16.05.2013
Only used a couple of times and is still in Brand New condition.
2013 North Idol 5.0 16.05.2013
Very good condition.
2012 North ID. 5.0 16.05.2013
Very good condition.
2012 North ICE. 3.7 16.05.2013
Very good condition.
2013 North HERO. 3.7 16.05.2013
Very good condition.
2011 North Platinum 430 RDM 100% Carbon 16.05.2013
Hardly used.